A recipe is a list of ingredients with the amounts needed and set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something (food, dish or drink ) in your kitchen.

Why Recipe is very importan?

A Standardized recipes provide consistency for food quality i.e test and also healthy. For a restaurant and hotel it can result in increased customer satisfaction and Food cost control.

Here I am Standardized the all recipes and provide accurate information for food. All the food prepared by me with own recipe.

Why is it important to read a recipe before cooking?

The number of servings means for how many people you want to cook is important because you probably want to know how much the recipe will make for your family member of guest. Most kids’ recipes make just a few servings because it’s easier for kids to work with smaller amounts of food. If you dont the recipe of a particular food then food may be waste or not sufficent for your servings.

Do you capitalize ingredients in a recipe?

Most ingredients start with a number (1 cup flour or 1 teaspoon of sugar), so you don’t need to be capitalized, but if the ingredient starts with a letter (Salt to taste), it should be capitalized.

In my Kitchen Dunia Blog I am describe different types of recipe

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Nonveg Recipe

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Biryani Recipe

Sweet Dish

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